The History of Parnacott House

Established as we now know it by an Andrew or a James Vowler as a small farm during the early years of the reign of Queen Elizabeth I, Parnacott evolved over successive generations to become a country gentleman's estate.


Parnacott House


Guest Comments

I looked hard and long for the perfect house to celebrate my 60th Birthday - and came across Parnacott - with five grandchildren it just seemed the perfect place for them, and for the rest of us to enjoy too. It exceeded all our expectations in every way - I have never visited another house that truly welcomes children in the way Parnacott does. Within 5 minutes of arriving they had all piled into the dressing up box and were dressed as Knights and Princesses. Rondi and John Vowler have created something very special: a home away from home in the most elegant of houses. Spacious interiors full of fresh flowers and log fires. Quiet corners to read a book when grown ups need to escape. A unique and wonderful home which we all hope to return to one day.