The History of Parnacott House

Established as we now know it by an Andrew or a James Vowler as a small farm during the early years of the reign of Queen Elizabeth I, Parnacott evolved over successive generations to become a country gentleman's estate.


Parnacott House


Guest Comments

"Parnacott really was the perfect location to get together with old college friends and for all our children to play together.  They really loved the dressing-up box and put on a spectacular 'talent show' for us all on New Year's Eve.  'Grown-up' dining after they had all gone to bed was such a treat in the beautiful dining room!  My family enjoyed cycling the Tarka Trail and a sunny coastal walk around Hartland Point.  It's a lovely house and so great to see layers of family history all around.  Thank you."

Jan Dinsdale, a member of this happy bunch of friends and a freelance Ecologist from Cornwall, added:

"I wish you well in attracting another pair of barn owls to your tea chest next year.  I regularly see short-eared owls in west Cornwall - they hunt in the day time - but I have yet to see a little owl.  Hope you are lucky.*  Do you think your dragonfly was perhaps a female emperor?"

January 2014

*Barn owls and tawny owls at Parnacott - yes, but no sighting of a little owl any closer than 5 miles as yet.  We live in hope.